The 2010 Celina HS Marching Band

Monday, September 27, 2010

The Weekly Blurb - Week of 9/27/10

As we enter the second half of the season, we have a lot of exciting activities and traditions coming up.  The OSU Skull Session, the combined performance with Elida, and our traditional end-of-the-season Marching Band Concert are a few of the things we have in store.

This week, we will present an encore performance of the "Styx" show at the homecoming game.  We are doing this for a couple of reasons:  1)  the pit performers were not permitted to bring their instruments into the stadium at St. Marys, and they want another chance to perform the show, 2) the rest of the band would like to perform the show again as they all put a great deal of effort into this elaborate and complex production, and 3) repeating this show gives us time to prepare an ample amount of music for the OSU Skull Session next week.

One more note:  As you know, it was our intent that when we went to the trimester, we would rehearse on Thursday night from 6 - 8 pm, but it became obvious early on that 2 hours would not be enough time to get the job done during the first part of the season, given the amount of new music and drill that had to be learned.  As we move into the second half, I think we can utilize the schedule as originally intended, giving students more time on Thursday evening to address their other studies as we had hoped to do when we went to the Trimester.  Therefore, this week's schedule is as follows:

Thursday 9/30:  Rehearsal, 6 - 8 pm

Friday 10/1:  Football vs. Shawnee (H).  Rehearsal at 5:45

Have a great week!