The 2010 Celina HS Marching Band

Monday, September 13, 2010

The Weekly Blurb - Week of 9/13/10

Congratulations to everyone for pulling together a complex show in a short period of time last week, and for putting on a good performance at Friday night's game.  We had lots of positive reactions and comments, in spite of some classless behavior by some visiting fans and coaches.

This week, we will be polishing the Styx show for this week's game at St. Marys, as well as the Bath Band Spectacular.  In addition, we will be introducing the music for show #3, which is a farewell to the summer sun.  This week's schedule is as follows:

Thursday 9/16:  Rehearsal 6 - 9 pm

Friday 9/17:  FB @ St. Marys.  Depart CHS at 6:15 pm.

Saturday 9/18:  Bath Band Spectacular.  Rehearsal at 4:15 (detailed itinerary below).

Have a great week!